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Educating, Informing and Inspiring to be healthier..
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Allergen Policy
Artizian receive the first ever Allergen Accreditation in the B&I sector

Nutrition & Wellbeing:
Educating, Informing & Inspiring

We are committed to Educating, Informing and Inspiring… to make healthy choices easier

  • 27m people work every day in the UK. Artizian feeds over 10,000 of them and our approach is one that is designed to educate, inform and inspire our customers to make healthier choices.
  • The workplace offers a major opportunity to drive health improvement, which is why Artizian has been delivering Healthy Eating Initiatives since 2002 to make it easier for customers to be healthier at work and at home.
  • Our approach to Nutrition & Wellbeing is underpinned by integrity; we do as we say and have done so for many years which is important because, for some, trying to eat healthily needs to be easy.
  • It’s not always easy to choose the right foods; especially for those with food allergies or intolerances, we like to think we remove the hassle with a range of healthy choices as well as treats so customers can make the right choice for them

Catherine, Our Nutrition & Wellbeing Manager

  • Catherine is our very own qualified Nutritional Therapist who applies the knowledge of nutrition and health science to enable individuals to maximise their optimal health potential. She believes “Many of today’s health problems are rooted in underlying biochemical imbalances caused by the food we eat, our lifestyles and the environment in which we live. A toxic lifestyle, allergies, additives and stress can be more harmful than the genes we inherit, so by encouraging our customers to make a pledge to eat well, despite their inherited uniqueness, they can help promote a sense of positive health and wellbeing.”
  • Her monthly Nutrition Bites, Seasonal Sensations and Wellbeing Challenge provide managers, team players, clients and customers with relevant, topical and informative ways to develop their knowledge of nutrition and encourage those around to make positive nutritional choices. As well as other projects close to her heart, she is responsible for driving our efforts in the Public Health Responsibility Deal, delivering the induction/training sessions on Allergens and Intolerances and feeding our people with oodles of nutritional information, recipes and ideas regularly