Sourcing, Cooking and Serving the best fresh food..
Educating, Informing and Inspiring to be healthier..
Sourcing, Community & Environment
Allergen Policy
Artizian receive the first ever Allergen Accreditation in the B&I sector


We are committed to Sourcing, Cooking and Serving … the best fresh food to our customers every day

  • Our passionate chefs and their teams are in the kitchen from the crack of dawn (well, very early) checking deliveries and preparing / planning their special dishes and daily menus regularly and reliably.
  • Almost everything is made on-the-day using local produce, in season that we can reliably find and at the best price. We bake every day and all our sandwiches and baguettes are made every morning by our chefs and their teams.
  • We use many fair trade and environmentally-friendly products to do our bit for the planet often helping our clients to fulfill their own targets.
Artizian Seasonality Rainbow

Artizian Seasonality Rainbow – click to enlarge