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Case Study: Team Spirit

One of Artizian’s Teams Demonstrating ‘The Artizian Way’

One of Artizian’s Teams Demonstrating ‘The Artizian Way’

Being a boutique corporate caterer, our core values are very unique and crystal clear to us – and lie at the heart of everything we do and the way we operate.  We believe that through our company’s Team Spirit philosophy, by rewarding our outstanding Team Player Talent and showing them how special they are, they will want to remain with us and grow with us. Our best Team Players enjoy spectacular career opportunities.

As far as Alison Frith is concerned, she knows all the Team Players by name and, because she is the Managing Director, this simple fact demonstrates how much she cares; which is why it means a lot to the team and another reason why they feel valued when she visits and talks to them.

Every month, our managers choose an overall winner from our Monthly People’s Champion nominations and, at the end of the year, they vote again to pick the very best, the cream of the crop – the outright People’s Champion winner who is invited to Artizian’s Annual Excellence Awards.

We entrust “The Artizian Way” is conveyed to all of our managers and team players and this means performances to the highest levels to deliver outstanding food and service excellence. We recognise and reward our people at our Annual Artizian Excellence Awards Dinner. This year’s 2013 Awards included the following categories:

  1. Innovation & Creativity
  2. Exceeding Client Expectations
  3. Service Excellence
  4. Food Excellence
  5. People’s Champion Award
  6. Team Excellence Award
  7. Employee Excellence Award: Chef
  8. Employee Excellence Award: Manager
  9. Peer Recognition
  10. CSR Award
  11. Extra Mile Award: Manager
  12. Extra Mile Award: Team