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Case Study: Client

Client Name: Citrix

Description: Market-leading cloud, networking & virtualization technologies transforming how people, businesses & IT work & collaborate in the cloud era, based         in Gerrards Cross.
No of employees: 250+ registered to site, average 160 daily

We were delighted to be awarded this contract and be given the opportunity to provide a comprehensive range of catering services for this world-leading IT and software solutions company.

Being awarded a contract is exciting and deserves recognition when you are up against a number of competitors, all well respected in our sector. However, in truth the real work is in retaining a contract and especially when it is tendered and benchmarked every few years. To hold on to a contract takes a great deal of input throughout its duration. It is critical that it continually evolves so that it remains new and interesting to our customers, after all our biggest competitor is the high street which is constantly changing.

Stuart - One of Artizian's managers with his prized  site-grown pumpkin

Stuart – One of Artizian’s managers with his prized site-grown pumpkin

It feels like a real achievement when you succeed and is why we were delighted to recently retain the contract for a fourth three year term, with Citrix citing: our consistency of delivery, flexibility and willingness to change as being important factors in their decision.

Alongside a staff restaurant featuring a café, deli and coffee bar we also manage all hospitality services and beverage provisions across 3 sites. There is a strong emphasis at Citrix on the potential health-enhancing benefits that can be derived from a balanced, fresh menu. The usage of the facilities, by all their employees is way above the norm and the team work hard at achieving this.

Citrix as a company possess an innovating culture alongside a mentoring approach to achieve the best results and is why they are such a highly successful company. As a service provider this means constantly evolving the services and team as an absolute minimum.

Highly apparent is that they understand the value in driving success through focusing on the positives which in turn creates even more success – because their focus is largely on what you get right, than the few things you may have slightly fallen short on for whatever reason.

Companies like this are rare and so as a service provider you automatically follow the same path of focusing on best practice and how to make it better. Team players love working at, and with Citrix because they are appreciated and are treated as very much part of Citrix rather than a contractor.

As their service provider, this means they are receptive to everything new and welcome our suggestions for trying different things and ways of doing things. It is always harder for a company to justify retaining the same contractor and so Artizian feel very lucky to be awarded a further term with Citrix. It means we can continue with all the great CSR activities that have been taking place.


Very many thanks to the Artizian team for their continued efforts in catering for the staff and visitors of Citrix. I say this for a number of reasons: (a) for the last minute challenges that focus the mind but that they continually manage to pull off, (b) for the fantastic high profile events that make a  real difference to our Clients and Staff, (c) for the ever creative themed events, irrespective of whether they’re Indian, Thai, Chinese or Mexican etc. they always do a great job, and finally, (d) all of this is produced by a diligent Chef Manager and his team who work hard to strict deadlines, grow vegetables in our garden, cook, and serve fantastic home-cooked fresh food every day – there is great offsite support in managing the contract but also in bringing innovation to the Citrix table. For all of these reasons and more, I would not hesitate in recommending Artizian for any future client’s needs.”