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Allergen Policy
Artizian receive the first ever Allergen Accreditation in the B&I sector

Our Suppliers

Artizian provides onsite catering for a number of established corporations and professional firms throughout London and the Home Counties; we therefore treat our supply chain commitments seriously and focus on using the highest quality seasonal ingredients from the local area in all of our catering sites.

Our in-depth menu planning, with quarterly menu changes, ensures our customers are served the best produce of the season. We are committed to staff welfare by providing a wide range of in-house training and additional benefits that include supplier visits and free uniforms. Artizian is committed to minimising environmental impact via recycling a wide range of materials as well as requesting that suppliers use reusable boxes and crates.

In 2012, we decided to undergo the SRA Sustainability Rating to get recognition for our work in integrating sustainability into all of our operations and internal practices. The SRA Sustainability Rating recognises restaurants as One, Two or Three Star Sustainability Champions depending on how they rate against a wide range of criteria covering 14 areas of sustainability and provides restaurants with a detailed assessment of their credentials across the three key areas of Sourcing, Society and Environment. Good restaurants will be rated One Star Sustainability champions, excellent restaurants Two Stars and exceptional restaurants Three Stars. The SRA Sustainability Rating system provides restaurants with not only recognition for their sustainability and benchmarking information, but also a ready-made marketing tool to help customers choose their dining destination.

Artizian Catering Services was delighted to be awarded Two Star Sustainability Champion status in 2012.

As part of our ongoing commitments, we are currently considering: (i) a seafood policy that ensures that seafood is purchased according to seasonality as much as possible, (ii) memberships of local business associations to increase our restaurants’ local community engagements and (iii) to further reduce our businesses environmental impact, we are considering formal measurement of electricity, gas and water usage as well as establishing formal reduction targets.

We sponsor “Eat the Seasons” website of seasonal produce