Sourcing, Cooking and Serving the best fresh food..
Educating, Informing and Inspiring to be healthier..
Sourcing, Community & Environment
Allergen Policy
Artizian receive the first ever Allergen Accreditation in the B&I sector

Our clients … and how we work with them!

Artizian has an unusually flat management structure with a broad range of relevant, timely and effective specialist support services and partners. We work together as a tight knit team in our business daily, with the sole purpose of sourcing, cooking and serving the best fresh food every day and sharing best practice; something our MD encourages continuously.

Clients like to talk to decision-makers and, because Alison’s made us work hard to maintain our independence, they can access the eyes and ears of the lady who sits at the top of our tree easily. We respond to requests quickly as lines of communication are short and snappy and all Head Office personnel and Managers alike collaborate, at Bi-Monthly Manager’s Meetings at Head Office in our NEW Barn located in Hurst.

Our Senior Team works out in the business and each one of them understands and supports the demands of our Managers daily. We discuss, collaborate, research and plan service improvements for Clients every day – if you don’t believe us, then ask them for yourselves! We’re re fanatical about ensuring the fine detail is just right for every Client and every Team Player knows it’s part of their job to look out for and look after all our customers.

The Artizian Team Player selection process is rigorous. We look for people who really understand what we mean by outstanding customer service. People who work with us are friendly and polite. They enjoy life, they enjoy work, they enjoy food and they share our values.