Download your copy here: Issue 24 December Artizian Scoop

As I write this I am honestly staggered at where this year has gone, it is December on Saturday and Artizian’s first Christmas lunch is next week!

Ready or not….I have always loved this time of year, it’s a bit like when the sun is out and everyone seems happier. In December as the month passes the festive spirit reaches more and more of our customers, and the Christmas lunch is always great at helping our customers relax and enjoy themselves.

As a family the Friths, my mother, my sisters and their families are starting the build-up this Friday for a long weekend at Centerparcs, where we have already booked loads of festive activities – the question is: are Centerparcs ready for us?!…we will soon find out!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our latest edition of Scoop.

Festive regards


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