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Some of you may be aware that I am severely intolerant to garlic (which gives me food poisoning symptoms within 3 hours of consumption!), and as a result have always treated intolerances and allergens seriously. It was one of the reasons we became Allergen Aware accredited and in fact Artizian were the first B&I caterer to achieve this accreditation with a 100% audit score. We now have 2 certified Senior Allergen Advisors within Artizian and our continued commitment remains a key focus.

Whilst we are informed by Allergen Aware that we achieve Gold Standard we always believe we can do better and in response to recent sad events reported in press articles we once again reviewed our approach. We are currently working towards reinforcing what we already do through a 5 point plan that will be delivered over the coming months, as follows:

  1. Increase annual refresher training to every 6 months.
    • All sites to ensure every team player has had this refresher training by the end of December 2018 in the last 6 months.
    • A different quiz to be created for completion at end of each refresher training.
  2. Allergens to be covered by Catherine Attfield – Head of Nutrition & Wellbeing with managers in an open forum at Operations Meetings  2 x annually (proposed October and April each year).
  3. An Allergen Aware Champion to be appointed from the FOH team players in each site, who will be paid £100 annually, given training and once complete will receive an allergen aware badge to wear and be the go to person for customers at service times.
    • This to be covered by the manager when they are absent.
    • At any Nutrition Bites Live (NBL) event at sites in 2019 – half the table to be set up with allergen information and the Allergen Champion, once trained to accompany the Nutritionist at this event.
    • Nutritionist to undertake a 30 minute briefing with the Manager and  Allergen Aware Champion at the end of each NBL event to keep allergens at the forefront of everyone’s agenda.
  4. Ensure Allergen leaflets are positioned at all tills in addition to the customer aware notice.
  5. Review the labelling of Grab & Go products.

I want to assure you that we will continue to take our duty of providing safe food seriously and in the meantime offer and attach a somewhat lighter reading matter, which is our latest edition of Scoop, which I hope you enjoy.

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