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As I write this email, I am feeling somewhat nervous but brave, because I have decided to take a cleansing week away from the business – no, not a detox cleanse, it’s far worse than that…a complete break without my phone – yes you read correctly!

This will be the first time in 21 years that I have done this, so it is new territory for me and part of me is actually excited – probably because I know the team running the business can more than manage without me, and possibly because I love a challenge. The question is, would I have done this if I were away for over a week???

…well okay, I have to confess, the answer’s no, that is just too much discomfort to cope with in one go!

Anyhow, time to go, so whilst I’m away, please enjoy our latest edition of Scoop and I will be back in the business on the 8th October.

Best regards


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