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Earlier this year when we decided we would take our summer holiday back home in Wales rather than abroad, I was expecting to miss the sunshine that usually regenerates my batteries. Little did I know that we would be encountering one of the longest heatwaves since 1976 and whilst sometimes uncomfortable, everyone does seem so much happier.

I cannot remember ever having to even think and take notice of ‘Tips for coping in hot weather’, and it’s certainly topical as reinforced by UK’s government, who only last week, published its updated strategy for tackling the impacts of climate change, including higher temperatures, drought and flooding.

Much as I love reading when I am on holiday, I think on this occasion I will give the government’s 128-page plan a miss, and instead enjoy spending time with my family.

Yes, I am on holiday leave from tomorrow and back in the business on the 6th August, so whilst I am away, I do hope you enjoy reading Artizian’s August issue of Scoop.

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